Writing workshops will take place at Cork City Library

This year’s One City One Book author from Cork City Libraries will be presenting a series of free writing workshops at Cork City Library, starting tomorrow.

Cónal Creedon, whose book Pancho and Lefty Ride Again has been described by a member of the One City One Book jury as “the only choice” this year, is to offer a series of free three-part writing workshops at Cork City Library, starting this Saturday 21 May .

Mr. Creedon is an award-winning novelist, playwright and documentary filmmaker whose short fiction films have been widely anthologized in Ireland, China, Australia, Germany, the UK and the US.

He described Pancho and Lefty Ride Again as well as a digitally remastered reissue of his 1995 collection of short stories Pancho and Lefty Ride Ort, with 11 bonus tracks added.

He said echo he was very honored to be asked to present the workshop series, but stressed that despite having been writer-in-residence at University College Cork (UCC) 2016-2017 and then being appointed assistant professor of creative writing in 2017, he doesn’t see himself as a professor.

“The crazy thing is I’ve given workshops all over the world – and the first thing I always say is there’s nothing to learn here – I’m not a teacher – I am a learner,” he said.

“Really – I’ll be the one talking about writing. I always insist that I’m not a ‘writing teacher’ – even when I was at UCC – I always sitting with the students rather than at the head of the class.He said he had always believed that there were no aspiring writers.

“Writing is a binary thing – you write or you don’t write. It’s not like filmmaking or sculpting or painting where equipment is needed – a pen and paper is all that’s needed. is necessary – ditch your aul ‘aspirin’ – and just go write.

“These won’t be creative writing workshops, but rather sharing my experiences as a writer,” he said, describing the planned events as “informal, informative and fun.”

“If learning from mistakes is a virtue, well, my mistakes were absolutely massive. Making mistakes is probably my most honed skill! »

He said he enjoyed every minute of his time with UCC, describing it as a very engaging two-way street and “a steep learning curve” for him; and he said he believed writing was about choice.

“I liken it to an addiction – I would have to get professional help to stop myself from writing. It’s instinctive. If you have to think about it, you’re probably chasing the bad dream,” Mr Creedon said.

“Every day I put words to paper with joy knowing that many of those words will never see the printed page – and that’s what writing is to me. It’s about following my dream, engage with my creativity.

“For me, creativity happens when I fearlessly embrace the ridiculous – that’s real creativity. Everything else is paint-by-numbers,” he said.

A series of three free Saturday morning writing workshops with Cónal Creedon will take place at Cork City Library, with each workshop running from 11am to 12.30pm. The first session, “A Writer’s Life” is May 21. “Writing for Radio” is May 28 and “Diversity: Short Stories, Novels, Plays and Films” is June 11, by reservation through eventbrite.