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Writing skills are not only important for professional writers, these skills are considered essential to the daily functioning of any career.

For example, at work, emails and reports are unavoidable, but these should clearly express the ideas one intends to communicate.

For this reason, the ability to have excellent writing skills is highly valued in any work environment.

Erick Kananura, a young mentor in Kigali, says that when you communicate clearly and effectively, your work, in general, will sell you.

He notes that effective writing skills ensure that one stands out in any work environment, as it also provides a context that allows them to be used safely.

In the work environment, Kananura says the importance of technical writing is seen in presenting new ideas.

“It is essential for an individual to be able to clearly document the work material. It’s important to be able to write technical documents in a way that can sell the company you work for, and that can only be assured if one has technical writing skills,” he says.

On the other hand, Faustine Mutabazi, an educator and entrepreneur, believes that technical writing skills can help individuals save time and money, while adding value to their employable skills.

He observes that without good technical writing, individuals and the organization they work for can be compromised, especially when it comes to investing in new ideas and new products depending on the organization.

“It’s ideal to take into consideration that the importance of technical writing is also about generating money as well as creating security for readers,” he says.

Diana Nawatti, Principal and Counselor at Mother Mary School in Kibagabaga, says writing well is one of those skills that can help lift you in your career, no matter what field you find yourself in.

She explains that it clearly shows how you can communicate with others. On the other hand, she notes that poor writing can damage your reputation.

Meanwhile, Nawatti attests that many studies have been linked to critical thinking skills, and it shows attention to detail needed in all your tasks and projects.

She says that whether you’re applying for a job, advancing in your career, or just trying to improve your current writing skills, strong writing skills are important to your success.

Kananura says that while writing skills are important for internal communications, they are just as important externally, if not more so.

He goes on to say that in the area of ​​public relations, online posts, updates and website copy are among the most important channels people use to market their organizations.

In this case, he says that when it comes to published content, it is hard for a reader to digest and can negatively impact potential customers.

“It’s clear that writing skills are important throughout your career. One can further improve his writing skills by paying attention to the writing technique he finds effective and learning its characteristics from which to learn,” he advises.

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