Volunteers wanted for creative writing workshops

Letterkenny Central Library is looking for volunteers for its Fighting Words Creative Writing Workshops which will start later this year.
Founded in Dublin in 2009 by Roddy Doyle and Séan Love, Fighting Words is a hugely successful creative writing program that aims to help children and young people discover and harness the power of their own imagination and creative writing skills. . Now operating in locations all over the island of Ireland, Fighting Words returns to Donegal.
While introducing children and young people to the magic of writing, Fighting Words is also something much broader and more inclusive. It is about using the creative practice of writing and storytelling to empower our children and adolescents to be resilient, creative and successful in shaping their own lives.

Fighting Words offers free two-hour workshops for classes of elementary school children. The class begins a story as a group and each student writes their own individual ending.
Anyone can be a volunteer Fighting Words Tutor – from third graders to retirees and everyone in between, no matter what you do – you don’t have to be a writer or a teacher.
If you enjoy working in a creative environment and are a good listener, you are welcome to volunteer.
If you are interested and want to know more about this project, register for the online information event which will take place on Tuesday, February 15 from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.
To register, please send your details to [email protected] with “Fighting Words Donegal” in the subject line. Learn more about www.fightingwords.ie.