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Writers Space Africa-Rwanda (WSA-R) has launched “Voices of Space”, a multi-genre anthology almanac, designed to raise awareness of certain societal issues and promote creative writing and reading culture in Rwanda.

The event, which included a book reading session, poetry performances, storytelling and meetings with authors, took place on Sunday, June 5.

The book is the first installment of the Voices of Space series that will be released each year, containing different themes in Kinyarwanda and English.

About the book

When you read the book Voices of Space, you explore the voices of 44 young Rwandan writers, through 43 poems, 10 stories, 2 essays and 10 quotes that address mental health, healing art, love, humanity, domestic and gender-based violence. , the effects of drug use, motherhood, Rwandan culture and other worldly feelings and philosophies.

According to Perfect Nzeyimana, one of the editors of the book and head of the educational team of WSA-R, it is their role as Rwandan writers to energize the literary industry in Rwanda, thus impacting society, but also , they wanted a collection of all authors to show what young people are capable of doing through various voices.

“The fact that many Rwandans are not into reading, we wanted to create something that every individual could identify with and engage with, and give space for authors to communicate,” says Nzeyimana.

He adds that they also chose to make a multilingual book, to do it locally and internationally, and to appeal to all potential readers.

Vincent Sugira, one of the book’s authors, expresses his gratitude now that the book is finally out.

“It has been a long journey. A year and a half when we thought of Voices of Space and worked on it, and I’m glad the book is finally out and people know about it now,” says Sugira.

He recommends that people read the book and provide feedback, so that the authors are motivated to continue the book series.

Jerome Kajuga, director of culture, social and human sciences at the Rwanda National Commission for UNESCO, says it gives hope that the culture of writing will be so much improved in the future for Rwandans.

“I love the new writing techniques these young people have pioneered to deliver such a powerful and knowledgeable book, appealing to all readers in both languages, English and Kinyarwanda,” he says.

He adds that writers are like prophets, what they write now has a lot of impact on readers today, but also on the next generation because a book never gets old.

“When people work together, it adds strength and expression between them, while inspiring their young people, changing the reading behavior in the country,” Kajuga notes.

Lucy Grace Isingizwe, who was in the audience at the book launch, said that as someone who works in the publishing industry, this book is something amazing and the writings will go to the big stages in Africa and around the world.

“My sister is part of the group and I was blown away by the incredible work. It’s not really easy to find active young talents, but for them to have come to this moment to put something together and to to be able to publish it is something amazing in the space of writers in Rwanda,” she says.

She concludes by calling on more Rwandans to support young talents and buy the book, so that they can be inspired and grow.

The price of the book is 15,000 and can be found on Amazon or one can text them through their social media accounts as WSA-Rwanda.

WSA-R is a community of Rwandan writers and artists, committed to improving their skills, networking and collaborating. They aim to promote creative writing and the culture of reading in Rwanda by providing learning platforms for writers and connecting the art of writing with other art forms.

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