Three Reasons Why Creative Writing is Important for Freelancers

So what exactly is creative writing? Well, at first glance, you might think it’s poetry and fiction, but it’s not. everything involved in creative writing.

In fact, according to the Oxford Summer Courses, “Creative writing is everything about using your imagination and creativity to express ideas – quite simply, it’s about adding your own “flair” to the writing.”

Now, as with all writing, it’s important to understand when it’s best to use (or not use) a certain style or skill. For example, if you are reporting scientific data, it may not be advisable to compare them to unicorns. However, when telling your brand story, you can definitely get a little more creative.

So what are the benefits of being creative when writing your content as a freelancer? Let’s take a closer look:

1. Creative writing lets your identity shine through

As a freelancer, you want to stand out and show your audience that you are the to the right person for the job. It’s hard enough knowing that freelancers are competing with countless large companies and entities trying to stand out in their respective industries. So instead of feeling demotivated, grab a pen, pencil, notebook, or pencil – whatever works for you – and get Creative.

The content is a vital tool to capture your audience’s attention, hold them and convince them that you are simply the best. But that said, content fatigue is real, which means it might be time to avoid perfectly selected words or complex jargon. Instead, focus on your unique story! Now don’t go off the rails and change grammar rules, but be honest in your content as to who it is you are and embody.

For example, if you have an irrational fear of adding boiling water to your instant coffee before the milk, don’t be afraid to share that vulnerability with your audience when the opportunity arises. Your personality and skills will convince people to support you on your freelance journey, so give people what they want: creative content filled with your essence!

2. Creative writing makes your content interesting

Have you ever started writing a caption, story, or marketing campaign and found that it was said not once, not twice, but probably a few hundred times? Well, as a content creator, marketer, influencer, or even a journalist, writing can get boring and repetitive if you don’t add that creative flair.

Writing creatively will ensure that your content stays interesting. However, it is essential to know that creative writing doesn’t means you should add tails to your story. For example, if you’re quoting a famous person, don’t add extra information to that quote if it’s not true to make it more intriguing to the author.

Although sometimes adding a little extra information won’t hurt, be sure to read more here on How a dash of clickbait helps media agencies rise to the top.

The goal of creative writing is to tell a story, whatever it is, in a way that will capture your audience’s attention and engage them in the words. The words must enable them to almost break away from reality in a world filled with wonder. It can be done with creativity and truth. Talk about the power of creative writing.

3. Creative writing will evoke emotions in your reader

The beauty of using a creative writing style means that you can include emotional trigger words. These types of words are used with one goal in mind – to evoke a certain emotion in your reader to elicit a specific action or reaction. Humans are emotional beings by nature, which means that emotion is a normal influence in all the person’s life.

Creative writing lets you use adjectives to tell a story – and tell it really Good. By evoking emotions in a reader, you know your content will be memorable and they will associate that feeling with your freelance business.

Evoking the right emotions helps create the right perspective around your offer, which ultimately leads to the ROI you’re aiming to achieve. And you guessed it – well written, researched and Creative will be inspire those necessary emotions within your audience.

Here are just seven examples of different types of words that can evoke a certain emotion:

  1. Word ‘visual’ — Huge
  2. Word “trust” – Absolutely
  3. Word “surprise” – Awesome
  4. Word ‘Fear’ – Anxious
  5. Word “sad” – Heartbroken
  6. Word ‘angry’ — Irritation
  7. Word ‘anticipation’ — Discover

What are some other reasons why freelancers should include creative writing in their content? Let us know in the comments section below.

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