Technical writing will explode in 2022, says CEO of Vaibhav Kakkar IIM SKILLS

OWith revolutionary advancements and technological products, the need for technical writers is expected to see a vertical rise in 2022.

While the West is already used to technical writing as a career, India is slowly and gradually moving towards adopting it as a full-time career opportunity. As for metropolitan cities with IT hubs, the demand for technical writers is multiple. However, technical writing is not just limited to the IT sector; fields such as engineering, electrical, medical, aeronautics, biotechnology, finance, and almost every other industry focus on technical writing to create a living brand image.

An overview: technical writing

A technical writer is a skilled writer who can shape complex content in a precise, compact, and comprehensive way. Previously, technical writing was limited to instructional guides and manuals, but the boundaries have expanded over the years. Now, everything from how-to guides and reviews to instruction manuals and end-user documentation all fall under the umbrella term technical writing.

The technical writing industry

The entrenched acceptance of technical writing as a career in India has opened up new avenues for the technical writing industry. Digitization, internet penetration, and the world hit hard by the pandemic have paved the way for the accelerated growth of technical writing.

The ever-increasing demand for technical writers has prompted institutions to offer specialized courses in technical writing to fill the skills gap for industry needs. Therefore, the institutes offer skill-based and job-oriented courses to impart the finesse and aptitude required to report a job as a technical writer.

Skills and software required

Technical writing does not require any specific degree or diploma; people from all walks of life can participate in this course. All it takes is a good command of English (both spoken and written), a serious interest in technical innovations and updates, a determination to research and hard work . Compensating for the same, computer literacy, mass communication, or honors English degrees can be added benefits, but never a warrant.

The technical writing course is many things, but the most crucial aspect that takes center stage is imparting the art of turning technical notions into layman’s terms. This, in fact, requires a handful of research through articles, reports, and essays. Also, it is necessary to understand the use of various software and tools to speed up the process, which technical writing courses expose future technical writers. RoboHelp, MS Visio, Photoshop, Snag IT are some of the many tools that validate the technical writing process.

Scope and career prospects

The viable reliance on technological innovations and solutions has paved the way for technical writing as a prominent career field. Day by day, people are dependent on technological and scientific tools and software, which requires technical guides, instructions, manuals, documentation, etc. !

The technical industry is booming more than ever as technical writing has become a necessity rather than an option for organizations. Businesses are required to spend a share of the fare on high-quality content to get their message across to the target audience.

Additionally, technical writing has become a gateway to perpetual career opportunities, such as telecommunications, academics, advertising, publishing, to name a few! With varied career prospects and rapid growth, technical writing is a realistic career option in India and across the globe.