Summer 2021 Creative Writing Competition: ‘Twosies’

the palisade post curates a selection of winning pieces from the Pacific Palisades Library Association’s 2021 Summer Creative Writing Contest, which featured the theme “Help!”

The next piece was written by Riley Keston, who won first place in the fifth and sixth grade Scrawlers category.

To help! The world is ending! I just watched the local news, and according to them, COVID is coming for all of us!

At least that’s what I thought when the reporter said the Delta variant was hitting America hard.

After years of asking, my parents let me save a cat. His name is Sharko. He is five months old, gray and hairy, and likes to sleep in potted plants. I love it. But if this COVID thing is going to go on forever, saving just one cat won’t be enough. It’s my job to save all the animals in the world, just like Noah helped them with his ark in the early days of climate change.

So we start. First, we have to save another cat and another dog, because after all, Noah’s Ark was pretty much two by two. Then it’s time to save the rest of the traditional pets. Two birds, two hamsters, two guinea pigs, two geckos, two goldfish, two frogs and two chinchillas. It’s a good start.

These animals are all small enough to temporarily stay in cages while I round up larger animals. Monkeys, llamas, alligators, pandas, bears, ostriches, moles, zebras, lions, tigers, giraffes, hippos, octopuses and maybe a few coyotes. I’m probably going to need some help at this point to keep the big animals from eating the small animals.

Fortunately, according to my father, our cousins ​​Tessa and Gabe already live in a zoo. They have three cats, two dogs, a gecko and a fish named Zoe. So what are some lions and tigers? They’re just fat cats, aren’t they?

Ok, now I have two of everything, including cousins. But here is the first question. Do I take snakes? I hate snakes. They are scary. But in science class I read that they are important because they help manage the rodent population. As much as I don’t want to be bitten by a snake, I don’t want to be invaded by rats either. Ok beautiful snakes, you can come.

Here comes the second question, what type of vehicle should I build? Many years ago Noah built an ark, but it was because the world was flooded, and God told him so. But there is no flood in COVID and God didn’t tell me anything. At least not yet. So I was thinking of a private jet, with Plexiglas barriers between each of the rows like we had at school at our desks. This way we can keep animals separated without having them wear masks.

Ok, now we have a plan. I’m doing well. It is all good. Just one more problem… How am I going to afford a private jet!!!! To help!!!!!