Summer 2021 Creative Writing Competition: ‘The Saviors’

the palisade post curates a selection of winning pieces from the Pacific Palisades Library Association’s 2021 Summer Creative Writing Contest, which featured the theme “Help!”

The next piece was written by Hudson Marks, who won first place in the third and fourth grade Jotters category.

“Who the hell are you?” Josh said. “Me?” I ask. “I’m just here to warn you that the Inquisitor you are about to encounter has the power to teleport behind you and harm you. Just to warn you! Goodbye!”

Then I disappear.

I am no ordinary child. I don’t live with my parents. I live in a secret MI6 department for children with magical powers. My particular power is that I can teleport into books and warn characters of upcoming trouble, then out of the book just as quickly. By using this power, I can help the characters so that the stories don’t have bad results.

An example is once I jumped into a story to warn a character that should fight a lion ahead. They changed their patch and weren’t attacked by a lion! Pretty useful, right? Also, just so you know, none of the other kids in this MI6 place have powers as cool as me. Don’t tell my friends I said that!

One of the other kids here still brags about being able to teleport small distances. But it only saves people from being scratched by rabbits or jumped on a dog. It’s more little things you know, but still useful.

Then there’s my other friend, Mark, who has the power of persuasion. His parents discovered his powers after he persuaded them that he could break free from chores. He also persuaded them to buy him a phone. Many children really wanted this power, sometimes including me! But, I’m going to stick with my power because it has helped in all of these cool situations.

Here is a little story explaining why my powers are useful. This is how I saved the War of Independence. How did I save the war you ask? I jumped into a history book and told George Washington to find stronger men to help him row through Delaware. In the original version of this book, before I changed what happened, he didn’t know he would have to row in such harsh conditions.

So he brought in some average men and the boat sank. If you don’t believe my version is true, it’s because I changed fate! And if you still don’t believe me, stop reading now.

In Alice in Wonderland (you know Alice, right?) she only woke up to find out it was a dream because I woke her up from her nap by the rabbit hole . If I hadn’t, she would have rolled over in her sleep and fallen down the rabbit hole forever. You wouldn’t want Alice to fall in [a] rabbit hole forever because you want happily ever after, right? Do you see why my powers are useful?

There’s another girl here named Sunny. Her power is that she can grow any plant in a second. Here’s how it helps. If she hadn’t grown a huge, fast, tall beanstalk for Jack, he wouldn’t have found the giant castle and found the golden harp. Pretty cool, right?

That’s why my powers, combined with the powers of my friends, are the best! And we call ourselves The Saviors. I learned not to be greedy and selfish because being helpful makes people happy and it makes me happy to be a helper. Going forward, I hope we will continue to be able to help people and make sure they stay safe. And I think it will make the world more peaceful. Maybe you should also try to be helpful! I bet you will like it.