Sheila Viesca is a pioneer in career counseling and life coaching through creative writing

Computing is a rewarding feat of being able to help people maximize their educational skills and empower them to make a meaningful contribution to the world. The well-known and leading institution – TalkShop – understands the obstacles that students must overcome to succeed and provides them with valuable resources to use in their careers. Therefore, studying at TalkShop results in an unforgettable experience for those who have the opportunity.

Stephanie Mira, registered nurse and writer. CONTRIBUTED PHOTOS

Such was the case with Stephanie Mira, a registered nurse and writer, who dreamed of pursuing a degree in creative writing, but due to a lack of family support, misinformation about career opportunities, and various factors that drove her to discouragement, she ended up studying a nursing degree. as an alternative. After graduating, the working and salary conditions at the hospital were not as expected. This led to further disappointment, compounded by the weight of knowing she was unhappy with the career she had embarked on.

Dr. Sheila Viesca, Founder and CEO of TalkShop

Dr. Sheila Viesca, Founder and CEO of TalkShop

Thinking about the matter and remembering her true passion, Mira started looking for institutions that offered creative writing courses. It didn’t take her long to find TalkShop which was at the top of the search results, and she reached out to Founder and CEO Dr. Sheila Viesca, who was happy to give her invaluable advice on the current creative writing program, which made him decide to enroll. .

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“Dr. Viesca was a knowledgeable, knowledgeable individual who was genuinely interested in what I had to say. His teaching style and extensive professional experience made my learning process extremely fruitful. I can say that TalkShop keeps me heart because I learned a lot and improved my writing skills,” said Mira, who now has a better job in her field and more opportunities in her free time to pursue writing and earn money.

Professionals attend TalkShop workshops as they prepare for demanding roles, job promotion and career change with Dr. Sheila Viesca

Professionals attend TalkShop workshops as they prepare for demanding roles, job promotion and career change with Dr. Sheila Viesca

TalkShop has helped thousands of people like Stephanie Mira, who aspire to write or are simply looking to discover career expansion options in creative writing. TalkShop also offers courses for companies to develop their employees, thanks to tailor-made programs. The substantial segments covered in “Executive Communication” help busy managers and business owners improve their confidence, skills, and technical presentation by immersing themselves in targeted exercises in creative speaking and technical writing techniques. Additionally, TalkShop owns Life Coaches Philippines, which caters to professionals who enroll in a life coaching certification as they pursue career growth or a change in industry.

It pays to seek expert advice and the right intervention when deciding to take full control of your academic and professional life. TalkShop is the best investment that guarantees significant dividends for your personal well-being, professional development and financial growth.

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