Ohio students gain technical writing experience through an assignment at the Office of Environmental Management

LATHAM, Ohio – Officials of EM and Ohio University recently joined a class at Western High School in Ohio to celebrate the 11th cohort of students to complete an EM Annual Site Environmental Report (ASER) summary project.

Under a grant administered by EM’s Portsmouth/Paducah Project Office (PPPO) — and in coordination with PPPOs Portsmouth website staff and contractors and Ohio University – the project tasks a group of science students to summarize the very technical ASER to make it more concise and readable for the public.

“The ASER Student Summary is one of our most valuable outreach programs here,” said PPPO Acting Jeremy Davis. Portsmouth website conduct. “By the end of the school year, these students will often have become some of the most knowledgeable responders to site operations, monitoring and history. We appreciate all of the students who participated this year and hope they found this information valuable. »

Led by Western High science professor Andrew Delotell and Jacob White, senior staff-in-residence for education and evaluation at Ohio University, the students discovered the former gaseous diffusion plant of Portsmouth, environmental sampling and technical writing during their assignment.

During the 2021-2022 academic year, students met with subject matter experts from PPPO, cleanup prime contractor Fluor-BWXT Portsmouth, and Ohio University. They have written six essays regarding the activities of the Portsmouth site which will be published in the “Student Summary of the US Department of Energy Portsmouth Annual Site Environmental Report”, which will be published for stakeholders later this year. Students will also be credited as co-authors of the paper.

The ASER Student Abstract is produced annually in conjunction with the MA-supported Ohio University PORTSfuture program. This is one of the many successes educational outreach efforts on the Portsmouth site.