News About WWE’s Creative Writing For Raw And Smackdown Has Changed Dramatically Under HHH

– One of the improvements within WWE now that Paul Levesque has taken over some of the talent-related duties that previously fell under Vince McMahon’s oversight is the engagement of the creative team. reports that there has been a “night and day” change because staff members are no longer “rushing to wait” for McMahon meetings which often started hours later than scheduled and did not have to focus on “unimportant” things for long periods of time. The meetings that take place are said to be much more streamlined and structured in a way that makes the use of everyone’s time much more efficient.

– The report adds that because of this efficiency, many people on the writing team do not feel “burnt out” and can now focus their energies on creative presentations and formulating long-term ideas and stories. Under Vince’s previous regime, writers had to be prepared to react to the sudden and constant changes in McMahon that often happened on a whim. While there are still script rewrites for Raw and Smackdown, the occurrences of having the whole show ripped apart no longer occur and so the team doesn’t have to race against time to come up with new ideas that satisfied Vince. , sometimes with shows rewritten during their live broadcast. As a result, the more structured scheduling also saw “endless rematches” all but disappear from WWE TV, which was common under Vince’s stewardship, likely because under time constraints it was an easy outing.