Nappanee Public Library Creative Writing Contest –

Press release

NAPPANEE – The Nappanee Public Library is hosting the second NPL Creative Writing Contest for residents of the Wa-Nee School District. The competition is open from April 1 to 21.

There are four categories, each with its own prompt. Write anything for this contest: an essay, a short story, a poem… Just follow the prompt and be creative. Visit for more information.

The contest is open to any resident or student (grade 3 and up) of the Wa-Nee School District. Registrations will be accepted from April 1 to 21. Only original documents can be registered. Entries can be submitted online, dropped off or emailed to [email protected]

Applications will be judged anonymously on the criteria defined for each category. Judges will include NPL staff, sponsors and community volunteers.

Winners will be notified on May 1. First place winners will receive a cash prize. Second place winners will receive a $20 gift card. Winning works can be exhibited at the library and shared online.

Sponsors include: Bella’s Books & Curiosities, Main Street Roasters, Nappanee Kiwanis, Kountry Cabinets and The Friends of the Nappanee Public Library.

The competition categories are:

Upper elementary (3rd to 5th grade): For the first time, with a price of $100. First day of school, first win, first writing contest… Write about the first time you did something new and exciting. The submission may contain up to 500 words.

College (from 6th to 8th year): Try something new with a price tag of $150. Write about something new to you. For example – a new friend, a new skill or a new experience. The submission should contain up to 750 words.

High School (9th to 12th grade): The future with a price of $175. Write about the future! It could be your own future, someone else’s, or whatever you see coming soon. Submission should be up to 1,000 words.

Adult competition (18 years and over): 100 word challenge with a prize of $200. Write a very short piece of prose, poetry, anything else… but it must be 100 words or less. The piece can wear anything you like, just be creative.

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