Local educator offers creative writing class for teens

IF you’re looking for something constructive and educational to keep your teen occupied during the upcoming July vacation, consider enrolling them in a creative writing class to keep their mind active and develop their creative writing skills.

Mara Schillaci, a Durban-based creator, educator and healing expert, runs a short holiday course of four two-hour sessions in the center of Glenwood. The course is aimed at high school learners who want to develop their creative writing skills and gain writing experience.

Schillaci has taught a number of different modalities, both creative and theoretical, for almost 20 years, including teaching English to international students.

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“After leading classes in creative writing, journaling and art books for adults, I was approached to lead a class specifically for high school students to practice creative writing, journaling and self-expression through writing,” she said. said.

The educator says that a young learner will take away a number of lessons and skills from the course. “These skills could be adapted to encourage essay writing, poetry, lyric writing, blogging, short story writing, and creative expression.”

The course will cover: choosing a genre; choose a writing style; how to create a storyboard; create a plot plan; developing characters and character motivation, and exercises on developing descriptive techniques.

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The course will take place on the following four days in July: July 5, July 8, July 12 and July 15. They will start at 10:00 and will run until 12:00 at a central location in Glenwood – address will be provided by Schillaci after booking.

The course will be conducted in English, but learners can write in the language of their choice.

Pen and paper and course notes to be provided.

For more information or to book, contact Mara Schillaci at 072 896 3898 or email: [email protected]

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