Inverness Library is launching a creative writing competition on the subject of espionage in the Highlands

Carolina Vazquez and Sophia McLeod look like they’re up to something!

Young writers have the opportunity to have their work recognized in an exciting new competition.

High Life Highland Libraries is looking for talented wordsmiths in S1-S6 to impress them with stories of approximately 500 words based on a super sneaky spy theme.

Library Supervisor Sophia McLeod said: ‘We’re looking for a spy story, using the word ‘spy’ in the broadest sense, so it doesn’t necessarily have to involve ‘a’ spy, although it can also be fun.

“It could be someone spying on neighbors or kids being asked to spy on other kids at school (who set off that fire alarm?), maybe a story set in the library – That would be nice! It’s up to each individual to decide.”

Library staff will be joined by Courier reporter Imogen James to judge all entries and narrow them down to a list of finalists.

It will then be up to published author and writing mentor Sandra Ireland – writer-in-residence at the Moniack Mhor Creative Writing Center near Loch Ness this month – to choose the winner. As well as a voucher for a book, the winner will also have their story published on the Inverness Courier website.

Ms McLeod said: ‘I worked at Inverness Library for a few months and we get a lot of interesting characters through those doors. People are working on all kinds of fascinating projects. Sometimes we are asked to help with a little fact finding, which can turn up some interesting things.

“All the staff love a good mystery and we know there are some very creative teenagers out there, so we’d love to hear their stories.”

The deadline is April 30 at 5 p.m. Email nominations to [email protected] with a note of entrant’s name, school, age group, phone number and story title. The subject line of the email should read: Short Spy Story by [entrant’s name]. Participants can also add illustrations if they wish. Get writing!

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