International Armenian Literary Alliance launches grants for creative writing and translation

The International Armenian Literary Alliance (IALA) has launched two $2,500 scholarships, one for Armenian to English translation and one for contemporary creative writing. Applications for both grants will be accepted September 1-30, 2022.

The IALA Translation Grant will award $2,500 to a translator working from Armenian source texts into English. In 2022, the scholarship will be awarded for any prose work written in Western Armenian by a female author. Although preference is given to more recent works (after the 20th century), we welcome works from all eras. The 2022 scholarship will be judged by Tatevik Ayvazyan, Gagik Stepan-Sargsyan and Garen Torikian.

Given the traumatic history of the Armenian Diaspora, many readers are unable to read works in native Armenian and therefore have centuries of literature inaccessible to them. Translators working with Armenian texts have traditionally lacked resources in the publishing world, as well as access to other funding, due to the overwhelming influence of so-called “majority languages”. The IALA Translation Fellowship is intended to foster the development of contemporary Armenian literature in English through a monetary award.

Additionally, in partnership with the Armenian Institute and Mashtots Press, and with funding from Gulbenkian Foundation, IALA will support grant recipients in the publication and promotion of selected works. As Western Armenian is on the UNESCO list of endangered languages, we believe it is imperative to pay more attention to Western Armenian literature. As female authors producing Armenian literature are a minority within a minority, there is also a need to highlight the works of these writers.

The IALA Creative Writing Fellowship will award $2,500 per year to an Armenian writer whose current work demonstrates outstanding literary and creative ability. In 2022, the fellowship will be awarded for a work of fiction and, in future years, for works of creative poetry and non-fiction, as well as other mixed genre forms. The 2022 scholarship will be judged by Raffi Wartanian, Aline Ohanesian, Aida Zilelian and Nancy Agabi.

The Creative Writing Fellowship aims to foster the development of contemporary Armenian literature in English through an annual monetary award. Additionally, IALA will support grantees in promoting their publications through marketing on our website and social media channels, through book reviews, readings and discussions.

Both grants were made possible through a generous donation from the Armenian Allied Arts Association, a Southern California-based organization that discovered, nurtured, and promoted new talent of Armenian descent for over 80 years.

For more information, please contact Olivia Katrandjian at [email protected].

International Armenian Literary Alliance

The International Armenian Literary Alliance is a non-profit organization launched in 2021 that supports and celebrates writers by promoting the development and dissemination of Armenian literature in the English language. A network of Armenian writers and their champions, IALA gives Armenian writers a voice in the literary world through creative, professional and academic advocacy.

International Armenian Literary Alliance
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