How to be constantly inspired: a creative writing workshop

“What if I’m out of ideas?” is the deepest fear of many writers, but after this course, it doesn’t have to be. Even the smallest ideas can easily turn into huge successes. After all, the great symphonies of history began with a few notes, and Middle-earth only began with the germ of an idea.

This workshop aims to encourage your creativity and provide you with tools you can use whenever you feel uninspired. The discussion will include an exciting mix of instructions, games and exercises designed to stimulate your creativity. In this course, you will learn how your senses interact with the world around you and how these senses can influence creativity in different ways. As part of the writing exercises, you will learn to write from a simple smell, touch, image, taste, sound and memory.

This workshop is aimed at writers, but artists from different types of media have found it beneficial.

This course in partnership with SoLit and The Chattery.

Note: Masks are optional.

About the instructor:

Wesley Fulkerson is a recent transplant in Southern California’s Chattanooga and is a year-round writing teacher for SoLit, a literary arts organization. He is the author of ten books, including the Starfall Trilogy, Writing With Purpose and For Whom the Sun Sings. He is an award-winning screenwriter (Save My Seoul, 2017 – Jubilee Media), the former head writer of Arbella Studios and currently a freelancer for a number of Los Angeles-based production companies. He graduated with honors in Marketing from the prestigious Marshall School of Business at USC (2012) and exhibits a powerful combination of creativity and pragmatism. Having started as a self-publisher and then spreading his work through traditional publishing, he is the epitome of the modern writer’s journey.