Deputy Minister joins children for creative writing as part of summer activities

The Summer Reading Challenge (SRC), run by The Reading Agency, is a popular initiative that features annually in libraries and is designed to inspire children to read during the summer holidays. This year it is built around STEM learning under the Gadgeteers theme.

Libraries in Wales have also partnered with the Welsh Government’s Summer of Fun scheme and, inspired by the SRC Gadgeteers, are offering even more STEM-related events and activities for children over the summer holidays. Taking place each day from the holidays until September, they are all designed to open children’s eyes and imaginations to the science around them via a menu of hands-on STEM-inspired activities, free entertainment and games and a program of more than 50 free games. events hosted by children’s favorite authors.

This week, Deputy Minister Dawn Bowden joined parents and children for a session moderated by Karla Brading – Merthyr Tydfil, author and artist.

Deputy Arts and Sport Minister Dawn Bowden said;

“It was great fun attending today’s session and engaging in some creative writing with Karla Brading and the families in attendance. I am delighted that we are able to support Libraries in Wales to make reading a fun activity for children in Wales – and to help them discover the joy of reading and stimulate their imagination.

“Families across Wales are feeling the effects of the cost of living crisis, and their library is the perfect, freely accessible place to go on summer adventures,”

added Nicola Pitman, president of the Society of Chief Librarians Cymru and head of the library for the campaign.

“We have put in place an extensive program of activities across Wales to help unleash children’s imaginations during the summer months. And, of course, libraries are—always will be—the best first stop for families wanting to discover and get advice on other things to do together while on vacation. And the free readings they can take with them as they go!”

In 2021, the Summer Reading Challenge reached 21,148 children across Wales in partnership with public libraries. The challenge continued to reach over half a million children across the UK in 2021 as lockdowns eased, motivating children to keep reading during a difficult time.

Families told The Reading Agency that taking part in the Summer Reading Challenge has helped their children enjoy reading more, feel more confident about reading and “feel better” during a difficult time.

Family use of libraries has also increased among Challenge participants, with more than 1,779 children from Wales joining the library as new members.

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