Creative Writing ‘Imaginarium Convention’ Hits Louisville This Weekend – 89.3 WFPL News Louisville

A convention for writers of all kinds — and their fans — is in Louisville this weekend.

Now in its ninth year, the Imaginarium convention is a three-day event featuring programs such as panel discussions, workshops, a film festival, live music and cosplay. He focuses on creative writing.

“By writing, I mean, all forms of writing: writing, not just for books, but also for screenplays, game development, songwriting, all different spheres of writing,” Founder and Executive Director Stephen Zimmer told WFPL News.

Zimmer said the convention is based on the idea that “imagination is at the root of all that is innovative.”

“From scientific invention to creativity, everything starts at the base of the imagination.”

Co-director and organizer Holly Phillippe added that it’s a good opportunity for creative professionals to “get together to network, to learn from each other.”

“We have people who are just starting out writing or making movies, and then we have best-selling authors, filmmakers from Los Angeles,” she said. “That’s what’s great about Imaginarium.”

The weekend’s “guest of honour” is a fiction editor Ellen Datlowwho edited science fiction, fantasy and horror for decades for publications like OMNI Magazine.

Other high-profile guests and speakers include ‘Walking Dead’ actor Santiago Cirilo and Kentucky author Virginia Smith.

Phillippe said there will also be extensive programming dedicated to romance and mystery writing.

And this year’s convention will see the “biggest turnout ever by game developers”, an area they’ve been focusing on in recent years.

“Whether it’s video games, tabletop games, role-playing games, writing modules for game systems, writing rules and guides… but also writing scripts and screenplays, writing is an integral part of all of those things in the gaming world,” Zimmer said.

People don’t have to be professional writers to come.

“The rich content is there, but it’s also fun,” he said. “And we found that people [who] aren’t necessarily professional writers or filmmakers, if they’re like fans, they have a lot of things that fascinate them.

The Imaginarium convention runs Friday through Sunday at the Holiday Inn Louisville East.