Celebrating Students’ Creative Writing Skills | Youth

Everyone has a story to tell. Nebraska Public Media is rewarding a dozen young authors — including a freshman from Dixon in northeast Nebraska — for using their creative writing skills to tell their stories. They are winners of Nebraska Public Media’s 2022 PBS KIDS Writer’s Contest.

More than 140 entries from 30 Nebraska cities came from students in kindergarten through third grade. The original works included illustrations. First place winners in each grade level receive an iPad as well as a PBS KIDS prize pack. Second and third place winners at each grade level receive a set of PBS KIDS prizes.

The winners by level were:

Kindergarten – 1. “How Mingo Changed the World” by Jocelyn Morford, Ashland; 2. “Rainbow Pencils” by Zella Thornburg, Pickrell; 3. “Bobby Bee” by Phoebe Williams, Broken Bow.

Grade One – 1. “Ruby and the Great Race” by Tessa Clements, Kearney; 2. “A Leprechaun Named Max” by Josephine Laughlin, Omaha; 3. “Darkness” by Adeline Hartman, Dixon.

Year Two – 1. “Hawk, Mouse and Snake: A Story of Misunderstanding and Friendship” by Mina Thomas, Lincoln; 2. “Floating Furniture and the Flood” by Jillian Morford, Ashland; 3. “A Good Goalkeeper” by Henry Gonnerman, Lincoln.

Third year – 1. “Lights, camera, the Amazon!” by Emelia Howell, Bennington; 2. “The Arrogant Tree” by Mathias Hatch-Tocaimaza, Omaha; 3. “The Adventures of Minty and Carrie” by Aspen Nielsen, Cairo.