BCS students get tips on creative writing : The Tribune India

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Shimla, March 22

Interview the subjects and their relatives, whether the character is fictional or factual and even visit the character’s environment for a more authentic experience for the reader, Khushwant Singh, author of a recently published book The opium carameltold students at Bishop Cotton School (BCS) during a creative writing session here today.

Khushwant Singh spoke to young audiences about his creative writing process and how he researches his books. He asked the boys what they liked to read and what they liked to write about. The Cottonians were very talkative and had a lot of questions.

He said movies were being made on all three of his books and he was excited to see how they developed on screen. He will follow his creative writing workshop with young Cottonians in the near future to see how they develop their ideas for interesting storylines.

The storyline of the book is based on a traumatic life unfolding through the withered pages of the diary of Ajit Singh, first love of supermodel Shabnam Singh, who saw him begging on a London street. She was shocked to know the circumstances leading up to it and her traumatic life.

The story traverses between 90s London and turbulent 80s Punjab, and opens a window into Punjab’s unsettling history through a tale of love, faith, betrayal and misfortune. Offering an intriguing journey through the highs and lows of Shabnam and Ajit’s adolescence, the Indian fashion industry and the yawning abyss of drugs, extremism and illegal migration, The opium caramel is as much about the power of love as it is about India’s dark past.