Atelier urges creative writing in Garo

TURA, August 29: The first Regional Writers’ Workshop of the Achik Literature Society was organized at Mendipathar College, North Garo Hills, in collaboration with the Department of Garo, Tura Campus of North-Eastern Hill University ( NEHU) and Garo Department, Mendipathar College recently. The workshop was organized in order to foster creative writing in Garo among young people, which was attended by almost two hundred undergraduate and postgraduate students.
Professor Fameline K Marak, Associate Professors Jacqueline R Marak and Dokatchi Ch. Marak, Assistant Professors Crystal Cornelius D Marak, Colnat B Marak and Basan R Marak, as resource persons, gave participants ideas on poetry composition, writing short stories, novels and research papers.
Hiraclush M Sangma, a well-known poet, and Kroshnil D Sangma, a poet and researcher, also gave practical guidelines to young creative writing aspirants.
Prof. Caroline R Marak, President of Achik Literature Society and former Head of Department of Garo, NEHU, in her inaugural address highlighted the importance for young people to learn to write for the growth of their literature and considering of the inclusion request. of Garo in the Eighth Schedule of the Constitution of India.
Dr. SK Chaudhary, Principal-in-Charge, Mendipathar College, and Dr. Jacqueline R Marak, Head, Department of Garo, NEHU Tura Campus, also spoke about the importance of the workshop in promoting creative writing in Garo .
The occasion was also attended by Soroj J Sangma and Sengister R Sangma, respectively President and Joint Secretary of Assam Garo Sahitya Sabha who came to join in the inauguration of the workshop.
Soroj J Sangma spoke about their organization’s efforts to promote the Garo language and the challenges they face in Assam to transmit the Garo vernacular in schools so that Garo children learn their native language.
He also spoke about the association of the Boro, Garo language group, namely Boro, Garo, Rabha, Dimasa, Tiwa, Deori and other languages ​​that work with the common agenda.
Professor Caroline R Marak has published two books by Kroshnil D Sangma, Pagitchamni Gimaangenggipa Kurang, a valuable collection of oral poetry of the ancestors consisting of folk songs, Chera ringa, epic poetry, song of lamentation for the dead and the sacred poem Doro and the he other book Ang Ku•rang Ku•mikte- 1, the poet’s own composition. The books are significant contributions to Garo literature in the sense that the poems are composed of a mixture of four varieties of Garo viz. Matchi-Dual, Atong and Chisak. Writing in a combination of four varieties is a rare occurrence.
Dr. Belvydha S Momin, Head of Garo Department, Mendipathar College, and his team organized the hosting of the workshop at the College.
Certificates to the participants were distributed at the end of the program by Dr. Crystal Cornelius D Marak, Secretary, Achik Literature College, and Liu Cleana D Shira, Vice-Principal, Mendipathar College, during the farewell ceremony.