ARU Creative Writing Lecturer Shortlisted for Masters Teacher of the Year Award

A creative writing lecturer at Anglia Ruskin University (ARU) has been shortlisted in the Masters Teacher of the Year category at this year’s postgraduate awards.

The award recognizes teachers who create “an exceptionally positive and supportive learning environment, give their students high-quality constructive feedback, are passionate about their subject, and always put their students first.”

The Cambridge-based author and scholar was nominated by a former student and competes against seven other talented speakers from around the world, the results of which will be announced on June 28.

Reacting to her appointment, Menna van Praag said: “What a surprise! I am thrilled and honoured. All the shots!

“The other cliché that happens to be true, certainly for me, is that being nominated means a lot more than winning; because who knows what variables control the outcome and knowing that my students appreciate my teaching means a lot to me.

“Teaching can be a lot like being a parent, a huge amount of heart and soul is invested in it, a dedication and passion that often goes unrecognized, so being recognized is a wonderful thing.

“The most rewarding moments of teaching are watching students transform, both in their level of confidence and in the beauty of their writing.

“To see a student blossom, realize what they are truly capable of and demonstrate it on the page, as a result of what I have shown and taught them, is truly a miraculous experience.

“I particularly like teaching at ARU because the students are particularly attentive and grateful. I feel honored to mentor them on their journey from aspiration to publication.

Menna is a lecturer in the MA in Creative Writing and is also a Royal Literary Fund Fellow at ARU. She is the author of six novels of magical realism and a fantasy trilogy: The Grimm Sisters.

His latest novel The night of demons and saintsthe second in the series, was released in February and she is currently editing the final installment of the trilogy which is due out early next year.