Applications and Admissions | Low Residency MFA in Creative Writing

The Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing accepts applications each fall and spring. If you have any questions about the application process, please contact Graduate Program Director June Sylvester Saraceno at [email protected]

In addition to your online application, please submit the following documents:

  1. Manuscript in the chosen genre. The manuscript guidelines are as follows:
    • Poetry: 10 pages of poetry
    • Fiction: 20-25 pages of fiction
    • nonfiction: 20-25 pages of non-fiction
    • Writing for children and young adults. Any combination of:
      • Picture books: 2-3 complete manuscripts
      • Mid-level fiction or non-fiction: up to 25 pages
      • Fiction or non-fiction for young adults: up to 25 pages

    • All manuscripts should be typed and double-spacedTimes New Roman 12 point font

  2. Two personal essays (two to three pages each)
    • Discuss your creative writing background, to include writers in your chosen genre who have influenced your own work. Do not include the work of MFA faculty members at the University of Nevada, Reno in your discussion. (You can discuss this in question number two, if applicable.)
    • Discuss how the low residency model and campus curriculum at the University of Nevada, Reno, Lake Tahoe would fit your writing goals.

  3. Two confidential letters of recommendation
    • Letters of recommendation should be from a college-level instructor or mentor, colleague, or professional in the field (editor, editor, workshop leader, or other), who can speak to your commitment towards the literary arts and academic skills. These letters should attest to your qualifications for independent study in a graduate school setting, as well as your success in interacting with others in peer reviews and workshops. You will enter the names and emails of your referrals into the app, referral requests are automatically generated.

  4. Official transcripts