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The latest update gives seniors creative memory care support to help them write personal stories to improve their health and well-being. Elder Manage Care provides home care for elderly patients who wish to maintain their independence with the support of caregivers.

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Studies show that creative writing boosts cognitive functions in people with dementia, Alzheimer’s disease and other memory problems. With newly updated services, writers and editors are available to help seniors write and edit stories, engaging them in creative activity that benefits memory.

Elder Manage Care explains that creative writing can be very beneficial for older adults in a number of ways. By exercising the mind, writing can improve mental dexterity and memory, which can help prevent dementia. Additionally, writing about one’s own experiences can improve emotional well-being by allowing the writer to process memories and events in their own words. Writing can also be a means of social engagement for older people when writing for an audience or working with mentors, peers, and editors.

Elder Manage Care’s creative writing services provide seniors with writers and editors to mentor and facilitate their creative journey.

Elder Manage Care’s creative writing staff helps seniors through all stages of the creative writing process, such as idea generation, writing practice, and proofreading. Services are tailored to each client’s specific needs and, in addition to supporting the writing process, include creative conversation, author mentorship and ghostwriting.

Elder Manage Care is an elder care agency that provides personalized home care for seniors. They strive to help seniors maintain their independence while receiving the care they need, with services ranging from meal preparation and home maintenance to creative activities.

A company spokesperson said: “Putting the story of your life into words is never easy – there are so many moments to remember, so many years to question and unravel, so many relationships to preserve carefully. But your story and memories are worth preserving, and Elder Manage Care is here to help bring all of your experiences to the page.

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