7 Best Free Online Writing Courses and Services –

Young writers often don’t know where to start on their writing journey. Some authors want to apply their writing skills for business and marketing purposes, and some strive to write non-fiction. Due to the variety of goals, you can find many helpful online sources that will put your writing skills to work. They are totally free, so you don’t need to pay for any features. Although many young writers enjoy watching how others write and even buy essays to use them as writing examples. Consider these seven free courses and tools to enrich your writing on many topics and sound compelling to audiences.

1. NaNoWriMo

Less inner criticism and more practice – that’s what the NaNoWriMo challenge is all about. NaNoWriMo deciphers itself as National Novel Writing Month, which has started every November for over 22 years. The goal is to write 50,000 words in 30 days. Here you can join the global writer’s community and use the built-in tools on the website to track your writing progress.

2. Random Plot Generator

When you get stuck on creating a plot for your literary composition, you can find inspiration on Random Plot Generator. Simply click on categories such as main character, secondary character, setting, situation, theme, and character action and get an instant prompt on each. Moreover, on this resource, you can explore many other tools like random dialogue or story title and benefit from it.


It’s a great platform for both experienced and newbie writers. Here you can get acquainted with many techniques shared in blog posts. Built-in Writer Igniter tools work as a prompt generator. Simply shuffle the number cards and get character, situation, prop, and setting suggestions. Listen to podcasts, read articles, and explore lessons and features to improve your writing.

4. Writing schedule

Returning to NaNoWriMo, you can use a vital tool that deserves to be presented independently. This is a writing calendar where you can plan your month to dedicate it entirely to the writing process. By mentioning the events that you cannot miss in your daily routine (work, studies, vacations), you can build your writing goals wisely. Remember that the calendar is one of the most crucial tools that help you find time to write.

5. 51 Questions: Character Quiz 2.0

Another useful NaNoWriMo source tool that simply cannot be left out is 51 Questions, which help develop your character. Indeed, you can use plot and character generators, but it’s more useful when you have a complete idea of ​​what your characters are. Answer these questions to better understand your character’s personality and consciously incorporate them into your novel.

6. Secret Sauce of Great Writing

Based on the Udemy platform, this course has gained huge popularity among writers. This free tutorial is a mashup from Wall Street Journal editor Shani Raja. It will free the craft of simplicity and elegant storytelling. Develop your storytelling skills and master your style to perfection.

7. Creative Writing Specialization

Represented by Wesleyan University, this course is one of the most beneficial opportunities to develop your writing. Learning to write a narrative essay, memoir, and short story will polish your writing to perfection in a variety of genres.

After all

These seven lucky sources are just the first steps to your writing success. Pick one or skip them all to find your own way to tell your unique story!